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"Graves’ background in the private and public sectors make him an invaluable addition to Congress,” said BIPAC’s Sr. Vice President of Political Affairs, Bo Harmon. “Graves understands the role of government and what businesses need to grow and create jobs, creating prosperity for all Americans."

Paul Naquin

St. Mary Parish President

Jeff Wiley

Sheriff, Ascension

John Young

Jefferson Parish President

Rolfe McCollister

Publisher, Baton Rouge Business Report

Tommy Martinez

Ascension Parish President

Charlotte Randolph

Lafourch Parish President

Mitch Ourso

Iberville Parish President

Michel Claudet

Terrebonne Parish President

Kirk Lippold

CDR., U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Mike Tregre

Sheriff, St. John the Baptist

Bud Torres

Sheriff, Pointe Coupee

Greg Champagne

Sheriff, St. Charles

Mike Waguespack

Sheriff, Assumption

Mike Cazes

Sheriff, West Baton Rouge

Billy Nungesser

Plaquemines Parish President

[Garret’s] work ethic is second to none. Whether at 5 in the morning or 10 at night, he answered the phone and took care of problems for our parish and for our state.

Laurie Cormier

Assistant Planner and Coastal Zone Manager for the Calcasieu Police Jury

You have a great gift of letting other people be heard. That’s greatness as far as I’m concerned. I’ve heard it said that if a man’s life has left other people’s lives better, than that life has meaning. So your life has had great meaning, and great meaning for Louisiana.

King Milling

[Garret Graves’s] capacity to deal with multiple issues and multiple, sometimes conflicting, forces is really quite remarkable. He has been a guiding light for [the CPRA] to maintain the course of action that needed to be done.

Gordon Dove

State Representative/Chairman, House Natural Resources and Environment Committee

I have worked with Garret for over 11 years both while he was in Washington and while he was the Governor's coastal advisor.  The time and energy he spent on behalf the people of Louisiana was nothing short of amazing.  His devotion to the state was obvious.  He is one of the main reasons that we are moving forward with so many coastal projects especially the Morganza to the Gulf levee system.  His experience in Washington D.C. and his knowledge of the federal appropriation process has enabled Louisiana to be the recipient of federal monies for barrier islands , dredging projects and coastal restoration projects.

Glenn Shaheen

President of GSA Consulting Engineers

Garret's got a track record. A lot of candidates can say that they will do this and that... Garret's done it.

V.J. St. Pierre

St. Charles Parish President

We’re tired of promises in Washington DC. We need someone who can guarantee us results. I had a reporter yesterday from the morning Advocate call me, PP St.Pierre, aren’t you a democrat? I said 'yes sir, I sure am.'  He said, 'well how can you support a Republican?' And I said 'because I am a result-driven guy, and this guy can provide results.' And I’m also an American citizen, and I can vote for whoever I want to.

Guy Cormier

St. Martin Parish President

If you all remember 2011, the flood that really never happened - it happened to some folks, but when the Mississippi was coming down, and we were going to experience all this major flooding… Garret was in constant communication with me... And he came out there… on the ground. Boots on the ground, making sure we had everything that we needed to prepare…That set him apart from a lot of folks that I had ever served with. I look up to the guy, he’s a true public servant.

John Young

Jefferson Parish President

He’s bright, he’s articulate, he is going to start out way ahead of anybody else up in DC. That’s going to be a benefit to us… he’s going to be a great congressman. He has my support…

Charlotte Randolph

Lafourche Parish President

Garret, you’ve walked the walk. That’s the most important thing, you’ve been in the marsh, you’ve stood on the coast, you’ve helped with all the problems we’ve had. And you know them. And you know how important they are. You’ve seen it and experienced it with us and we’ve always been grateful and considered you a friend. At this point, we want to consider you a leader for us, to take our message up there. No one can spread our message better than you. So we are behind you 100%.

Pat Brister

St. Tammany Parish President

…We know how important is it to get Garret in this position, because he always does think of Louisiana, not just a section of Louisiana…We appreciate all [he’s] done and we’re there to support [him] any way we can.

Natalie Robottom

St. John the Baptist PP

In terms of supporting Garret, what I know is, he is a hard worker. Many times, he’s on the phone, he’s still at work, I’m still at work, it’s 10 o’clock. You’re not going to find a harder worker. He’s very smart, he knows the process and what we all know is, it’s important to know the process… how important it is to have people who know it, understand it, and know how to move things through, in order to help the state of Louisiana. We all know and understand how important we are to the rest of the country, and it’s important that we have representatives there that actually know that as well, and [Garret knows] how to go about making the changes that are necessary. And I am in your congressional district, at least part of our parish, and as a voter I am as well, and I am supporting Garret.

Timmy Roussel

St. James Parish President

I’m here to support him. I want to support him all the way. Whatever he needs, I want to be there for him.

Other Supporters

Cajun Industries Employees

Eddie Rispone

Mary Matalin

Boysie Bollinger

Kurt Crosby

Grady Gaubert

Hank Danos

Hornbeck Offshore Employees

Bill Dore

Congressman Billy Tauzin

Congressman Richard Baker

Rep. Gordon Dove

Raymond Heck

Bill Fenstermaker

Richard Zuschlag

Kevin Reilly

Todd Graves

Donny Rouse

Gray Stream

Thomas Turner

Matt McKay

Ralph Brennan 

Marathon Oil Employees

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