Nation’s Largest Grassroots Business Network Identifies Graves as “Pro-Prosperity” Candidate

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Nation’s Largest Grassroots Business Network Identifies Graves as “Pro-Prosperity” Candidate BIPAC Action Fund Endorses Garret Graves for U.S. House

The Business-Industry Political Action Committee (BIPAC) – the largest Grassroots Business Network in the United States – has endorsed Garret Graves for Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District, identifying him as the “Pro-Prosperity” Candidate. BIPAC’s endorsement means that there was broad consensus amongst BIPAC members, Louisiana state and local employers, and business organizations that Graves will be the strongest advocate for growing America’s economy.

“Graves’ background in the private and public sectors make him an invaluable addition to Congress,” said BIPAC’s Sr. Vice President of Political Affairs, Bo Harmon. “Graves understands the role of government and what businesses need to grow and create jobs, creating prosperity for all Americans.”

Local business leaders across South Louisiana echo BIPAC’s endorsement of Graves:

“As a small business owner, I am confident that Garret understands the issues and challenges facing small businesses. His record of nearly 20-years of cutting through the bureaucracy to support and expand a strong business climate here at home makes his campaign a certainty rather than a gamble,” Rickey Heroman, Rickey Heroman’s Florist and Gifts.

“Garret's endorsement of small government and returning power back to the states has impressed me. Also, having a record of applying common sense to complex problems is one of his strengths as he has demonstrated in his prior position as chair of the Louisiana CPRA. As an owner of a small antiques business, I support his plan to reduce our complicated tax structure to allow small businesses to expand,” Karen Zobrist, Karen's Antiques (Denham Springs).

“Garret understands what drives the economy in South Louisiana. He has a proven record of breaking through the bureaucracy and dysfunction of Washington," Lane Grigsby, Cajun Industries.

“We need someone that knows South Louisiana and has a proven record of putting the people first. Garret understands the implications of government regulations on our ability to create jobs and feed families,” Donny Rouse, Rouse’s Supermarkets.

“I am pleased to be endorsed by such a well-respected pro-business organization. BIPAC knows that I will work hard to create policy changes and legislation that will lead to economic growth, while fighting against anti-business regulations and restrictions,” said Graves.

BIPAC’s action fund will make a contribution to Graves’ Congressional campaign as well as encourage support from its membership on his behalf. Additionally, BIPAC will provide local employers the tools to directly engage employees across the 6th District.